Monday, July 8, 2013

Nothing can separate

I have a song that's been playing in my heart for the past couple of months, so below I am posting a link to the song if you want to listen too.

The lyrics say "Nothing can separate, even if I run away- your love never fails".

We sing these lyrics or read these scriptures, but do you ever think what this is saying? NOTHING can separate. That is probably one of the most powerful statements in scripture. Nothing. God will not separate from us, and we cannot separate from him once we've accepted our savior. EVEN if we run away. Even if we don't read our bibles as we should. Even if we don't have a quiet time and really need to. EVEN if we do not make wise choices. EVEN when we make the biggest mistakes and our friends or families cannot forgive us. God is NOT separate from us. He will not budge, he will not move. How can someone not love a God who although he cares what we do and hurts by our decisions, his love is no less? It's magnificent!

Once, when I was a new believer, I was so tired after fighting the demons of my past. I came home from school and that night I didn't read my bible. The next day I said "God, I promise tonight I will read it or you never have to forgive me again". That night, I did not read my bible. As a newer believer, I struggled for months if not years by the fact that I made a promise to God, I broke that promise, and I thought God could hold me accountable since I said he never had to forgive me again. Satan used that as an attack on my soul and I walked around thinking that I wasn't worth forgiveness, that God never would forgive me and that it was a done deal. That it was over.

But that was me running away, but God showed me that I can't separate him from my life. His love NEVER fails, even when human tendencies would say otherwise. Because God is not of human nature like us. God is capable of loving us, even at our most unlovable state.

The song says "The chasm is far too wide, I never thought I'd reach the other side". The truth is, we'll NEVER reach the other side of God's love, because it is endless, it is profound, and it is forever. We will never be at a time in our life that we are not IN God's love. Consider what it means that his love never fails. Have you ever been in a situation where somebody got so mad at you that they stopped talking to you? (Or vice versa). That's a love that fails. Were you ever in love with a man (or woman) but that relationship broke off and you never spoke to them again? That's a love that fails. But our simple minds cannot comprehend the complexity of the degree to which our God loves us. If you struggle with alcohol, or drugs, or pornography, or self infliction, homosexuality, or eating disorders, or false religions, or  lack of intimacy with the Creator of our universe, his heart breaks but he will NOT move. He will NOT stop offering you a loving hand in his plan. He will hold a spot for you- wait for you. But you have to choose it. You have to stop running away.

This is the link to the song. Enjoy!

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