Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Adoption and the Waiting Game

Today we had our home walk through for the adoption. It wasn't the home study which will question our habits, likes, and backgrounds, but it was a simple walk through to see our home and point out any hazards or areas we need to have taken care of before the home study. (But everything was a go!)

It was a simple walk through....that lasted 2 hours! We signed papers, answered questions about our home and safety measures, established our emergency contacts and vacancy routes for fires and tornados, and then even more paperwork.  And then we were finally able to ask questions. I have waited very long to ask questions.

Some things we need to think about is whether we want to take the initiative to look through files of children, or whether we want to attend adoption parties. Or wait. Whether we wanted to read the adoption handbook beforehand, or wait until there is a possible child. And then keep waiting.   It sounds so complicated, but so...adventurous. I feel like we have no idea what we are getting into, and yet, I feel so led to continue this journey. THis is right for us.

One thing she did bring up was the strain on marriages. I feel so blessed to share such a privileged and communicative relationship with my best friend and love of my life. One thing we do know is that this relationship is the priority, and without it we could never add children to our equation. We thank the Lord daily for his gifts and his blessings he has given our marriage. Barren or not, he has called us to be parents of a child somewhere (and in this he continues on my life lesson about His timing. This lesson goes way back to childhood!). Now all we have to do is...wait. Fingerprints, wait, home study, wait, paper work, wait, trainings, paperwork, wait, approval, sign offs, wait. And wait and wait for that call that we will receive one day that will say "We have a child for you!" (Or children!! :)  ).

So it becomes more paperwork and patience. But I'm ready!


  1. I enjoy reading your posts :) That adoption party stuff is the one of the craziest things I've ever heard of.

  2. I will always admire your words, your writing, your wisdom.

  3. The adoption party sounds funny! There are a bunch of kids there and a bunch of families and you walk around and meet the kids and if you decide you want one, then you tell your agent. But most of the kids are older, and I don't want to raise a teenager yet if I haven't even raised a toddler!