Monday, September 30, 2013

Halloween and why I'm as weird as I am

I know that many people disagree with me on my view of halloween. There's always the take that other holidays began as pagan holidays too, or that it's just about having fun. I'm perfectly fine with what other people do for halloween and would never in any way try to judge somebody for what they decide to do with this holiday, but I know a lot of people think I"m just over "religious" and too strict. I know most people disagree and think I'm a little over the top because I'm over sensitive of what movies I will watch or what I listen to. And I admit I'm a little over protective of myself in these areas, but this post is about why I am like this. Maybe it'll give you a fresh idea about the holiday, maybe not. Maybe you'll think I'm just as crazy, but that's okay.

It doesn't matter whether it was originally a pagan holiday or not. What I"m concerned about is how it is celebrated now, in our society. I'm all good with children dressing up in make believe and getting candy (although I'd rather my children have carrot sticks instead!). And I love that churches have began hosting their own fall festivals- I am ALL about fall festivals!

There are 2 reasons why I am like this. First of all, the bible says that God did not give us a spirit of fear- but gave us a spirit of strength and courage. I feel that the essence of halloween for some people is to get scared and have fun being scared. But because God did not give us a spirit of fear, it's my own conviction that you should not intentionally do things to make yourself scared. This includes watching scary movies, going to haunted houses, and anything to do with intentionally creating fear in somebody. I don't think God wants us to try and instill fear in one another- so I refuse to participate in decorating to bring out fear. Also, under this same impression, I don't like the idea of dressing like ghosts and witches and dead things. And especially devils. Witches and witchcraft and spiritual warfare is real. There are still witches in the world, there are still evil spirits. And with halloween comes all of the scary  "superstitions". I don't want my children raised believing in superstitions. I want them believing in what is good, what is safe, and what is courageous. I don't want them to fear witches and evil- I want them to embrace God and call on his name to fight this war.

The second reason I am like this is because one time a lady from my church told this story that happened to her. She said one night she was watching a horror movie on tv. All of a sudden, she had this bad feeling come over her. She felt demonic presence in her house, so she turned off the movie and it was still there. She said "In the name of Jesus, evil spirit flee!". Then she said she audibly heard a voice say "No, we don't have to because you invited us in".  She then had to call the elders to come and pray and anoint her home. Do I think this is a true story? I sure do. I've seen the supernatural, I've experienced God's presence. I have no reason to doubt her, and no reason to not head that warning.

I do not want to invite evil into my home or into the lives of my children or spouse. I do not want to be the reason that demonic presence feels my spiritual home. So for this reason, I pretty much abhor halloween. It makes me sad to see people get so involved in creating the scariest house. It kind of makes you think twice about what you are putting into your home, because everything has spiritual consequence- good or bad. It has nothing to do with dates or original origins of holidays- but it has EVERYTHING to do with what you are feeding your spirit in today's society.

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