Sunday, November 24, 2013

A little bit of everything

I have not written in awhile for several reasons. One of those reasons includes being sick with some kind of allergies or cold or who knows what, on top of other things.

A few months back I applied to transfer to the Ada head start location. Partially to relieve current work stress, and partially to just be closer to home for when I do have children. After being told I had the position and that everything was being finalized, I realized that it was taking an extraordinarily long time, more than normal. So upon inquiring, I was notified that the position was already given to somebody else, at the last minute, for the mere fact that she was more indian than me. Normally, though upsetting, this would be understandable (thought they should have informed me sooner and not needed me to ask!), but they take no consideration into reasonings. The one that got the position lives in Sulphur, therefore she will drive back and forth to ada everything instead of staying at the Sulphur location. Make sense? Not really, not when I live in Ada.

But with that being said, a position opened up in Sulphur because of this, and I applied for the transfer to Sulphur. My heart needs the change of pace. My stress level needs the change of pace. And it will save 20 minutes driving than what I'm currently driving to get to work. Closer to home? You bet.

My doctorate is going okay. Just finished creating a curriculum review schedule. I'm thinking one day I would like to create my own homeschooling curriculum. Kind of sucks that I won't be able to home school though. My husband and I needed to compromise on this, as I think public education can be beneficial, but I know I will be an overprotective Momma and want to home school. But I want them with other children too. Dear husband just wants to public school, and as long as we are in this current school district, I don't mind as much. One less thing to fight about. But I still want to create a homeschool curriculum.

I am the nursery coordinator at church. I'm very excited to announce that beginning in January, I will be conducting the Puggles Club in the nursery. Puggles is the Awanas class for 1-3 year olds, before the Cubbies. YOu almost never hear about it because nobody wants to do it. But since I"m already in the nursery regularly and I get bored too, I thought beginning the Puggles program will give us a change of pace. I'm pretty stoked about it.

We are doing Thanksgiving at our home again this year, the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I enjoy having events at our home for two reasons: the first reason is because I get nervous around big crowds of people, even if I know them. And secondly is because I have a bedroom to retreat into when it gets to be too much. I guess a third reason is I know where all my bathrooms are and know my bedroom bathroom will only be used by me so I don't have to worry about walking in on anyone :) I'm a little crazy, I know.

I've got much more to say but it'll have to wait a few days ;)

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