Monday, October 14, 2013

The Road Trip :/

So we went to the prison in Atoka saturday night to visit my brother. We only got an hour in the evening and had to be there by 6 to be able to see him. It was supposed to be a 2 hour drive, so we left at 3 just to be sure. We follow directions and stop at a grocery store to get a bite to eat. We asked the lady to make sure we were on the right track, and she told us how to get the rest of the way pretty quickly. About 20 minutes to get there. So we go that route and sure enough we see the prison. We have an hour to spare so we just pass the prison and go into town. Well, the town looks far away, so my dad pulls into a casino that's close. Since I had never gone gambling before, he wanted us to go in.

SInce we were new, we got a card that had $10 free on it. I won $10, so I guess it paid off. LOL.
Anyway, we go back to the prison and plan on being early. But then I notice the sign. It's the entirely wrong prison. With only 20 minutes til 6, we hop in the car and start to drive. We stop in the next city and after several people we finally find one that knows how to get there. So we follow the directions and it seems like we were driving longer than we were supposed to. So we turned around and found a little family that said we were close. So we kept going and FINALLY we saw the sign for the prison. My dad called the officers and explained how we waited at the wrong prison, and then after explaining to several higher up people, they said we could still come and see him.

So we follow the sign to the prison that says 8 miles. Those 8 miles took about 15 minutes because they were so winding and hills. Finally, we get there and get sent to one office, that sends us to another. At this point, it took us 4 hours to get there, and we were exhausted. But we got to see him. Man, that was a trip that I never want to do again!

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