Friday, October 25, 2013


I have come to accept that most people just don't get me. I'm a little quirky, and I've come to be okay with my quirkiness. But just for fun, I thought I'd enlighten my readers.

I cannot eat ice cream with a spoon. It has to be a fork.
This is because the spoon has a scoop on it, and sometimes people put icecream on their spoon and pull it out of their mouth and there's residue on the spoon. And that grosses me out.

I cannot eat foods that have ugly names.
Example: Goulash. If you would call it noodle mix or spaghetti or something, I could eat it. But I hate the sound of "goulash".

I will not shop out stores that are purposefully misspelled in an attempt to be cute.
Example: Karry out Korner, Kum and go, etc. Come on people, let's be literate in America.

My hangers have to be the same color.

I think escalators are lazy.... but elevators are more lazy.

I'm kind of a grammar fanatic, but I will de-friend you for being a grammar nazi. 

I really like stories and movies about prostitute redemption. 
Moulin Rouge, Taken, Redeeming Love.

My favorite words are harlot and brothel. 
They just really have good pronunciation flow.

For as OCD as I am about cleaning... clean laundry piles up in our house. I HATE folding clothes!

I have an obsession with containers, cartons, and boxes.

I think the most romantic kind of date is sitting on a rooftop, talking and eating ice cream (with a fork). Right out of the container.

I don't have to write things down to remember them. I only write things down because I have a cute notebook for it and I like to cross things out as I do them.

I would much rather have new school supplies that I probably don't need than a new pair of shoes.

I"m kind of obsessed with pearls. And camels.

This is all I can think of right now, but I know there is more :) ENJOY

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