Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cave Dweller

Sometimes it is in the cave where God speaks the loudest. Sometimes we need the safety of the cavern to cover us, to scare us into time with our Maker. Much too often do we neglect the things of God and strut about in daily life disregarding our necessity of our Breath-Giver, because the world has been too nice to us.

Why is it that we only call on God the strongest when we are in our caves? Sometimes it is the cave that saves us. Sometimes, had we not gotten stuck in yet another rut, in yet another cave, we would slowly begin to consume ourselves with our own happiness, when the entire time it should be the happiness of our Lord.

In our caves we can see nothing but darkness. Yet, if someone was to light a match, it would illuminate the entire cave, and give light to every edge of darkness. But the point is, we need someone else to light the match because we've been in a cave so long that we have become unable to progress and we haven't allowed someone to light that match. We somehow prefer to dwell in the darkness, in the lost hope, to a point where it becomes comfortable. And comfortable is not a good place to be at all.

Sometimes I wonder how we can allow ourselves to become comfortable in the darkness of our caves. But it is in our caves where God can do the greatest work within us. It is the point where we are unable to stand on our own and allow God to light that match for us.
I can no longer be a cave- dweller.

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